Where does the boot pinch?


BootDoc, the customized insole, takes the burden off your feet. Quickly and comfortably.

After a long day of mountain sports, many hikers, snowboarders, skiers, and ski tourers suffer from foot complaints resulting from the enormous strain caused by these sports. BootDoc insoles are an outstanding way to provide relief.

It is not sufficient to differentiate the huge diversity of human feet merely by size. In order to find the correct shoe fit, it is necessary to offer different basic forms, adaptable materials, and above all shoe footbeds that are individually fit to the person and his or her needs. Boot Doc is able to do this.

With the help of the newly developed BootDoc technology, it is now possible to quickly analyze and identify the plantar pressure zones of the foot. Within a few minutes, a footbed that is customized to the needs of the consumer can be produced: Everyone, whether a top athlete, hobby sportsperson, or someone who simply enjoys moving about, should have a footbed that meets his or her individual needs – something Boot Doc provides.

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